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Jul 6, 2017
Hey y'all,

I would be coming up from Dallas to purchase a used 200 series there in OKC. Any chance there's someone here who could help me out and go check out the vehicle for me before I make travel arrangements up there?



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Mar 17, 2010
Oklahoma City, OK
Where exactly in OKC is it?
Depending on who has it we may know the Cruiser. We generally see most of them in this area coming thru the shop so any more information might help.

Typically we spend an hour on an inspect. which would be all visual look at everything from paint and interior to frame and under hood as well as tires and anything else we can see visual. Of course we will also be test driving it as well.

The normal way we handle these is the seller would typically just drop it by the shop. If it requires us going out there we would need to charge for our techs time to go out there as well. Assuming that it is in the OKC area, we would charge an hour of time there as well assuming that its not at a dealership that is not being helpful and our tech gets stuck there sitting for some time.

Our hourly rate is 90.00 and this is something we do quite often. It would save time and money if it was dropped by our place and honestly be much easier for us to inspect in our shop where we can put it on a lift if needed.


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