lookin for a 40

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Price? Really depends on how well the mods have been done. Body looks decent from pics (could have bondo though.

Looks like it may have Sag p/s.

You'll really need to see it up in person or have someone you know check it over.
I was hoping someone might no of it. It is about 3 hours from my place and not sure when I can get there.
Email the seller. He was pretty honest with me when I asked him about the condition of the body. I don't recall exactly what the issues were but my impression was the body was pretty rough, more so than the pictures would imply.
I saw this cruiser end of last year when I was looking for FJ40's. Since then I've seen it posted every once and awhile on CL. I'm guessing it will still be there if you can't get to it immediately.
way to high.
looks like that thing was a mud toy someone thought about restoring then changed their mind

keep looking, 5k gets a really nice cruiser these days. thats 4 or 5 years ago kinda price there

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