Lookey what I got today- now I gotta figure out how it works.

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Aug 11, 2002
Elkhart, Indiana
Got this today via UPS... man theres a bunch of wires there. I'm beginning to learn more about PROM, chips, tuning, burning chips, etc. Seems pretty intimidating. Anyone got a suggestion for a "Fuel Injection for Dummies" textbook?
Who is the manufacturer on that beauty?
Affordable Fuel Injection. (names a little deceiving) :)


Uses a Holley intake, throttle body and injectors. GM computer that tracks back to a 92 Tuned Port Trans-Am 350 with a custom PROM.
zebrabeefj40 said:
Gave up on the stock GM TBI?


Yeah- this came up for sale on Ebay, and the bidding wasn't going very fast, so I put a crazy low-ball bid on it and ended up getting it.
LCOwner said:
Let us know how it works. I've been considering a similar setup.

By the time I know how it works, the rest of the world will be running nuclear fusion engines.
LukeZero said:
Anyone got a suggestion for a "Fuel Injection for Dummies" textbook?

I highly recommend http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0879387432/sr=8-7/qid=1140471715/ref=sr_1_7/102-7355626-0806552?%5Fencoding=UTF8. Some might say that this is a little dated at this point with fuel injection stuff evolving so rapidly but it clearly explains the hows and whys that are common to most any fuel injection system. It has good detail and partical system building/installation tips and tricks. This was the first FI book I bought when I started repairing and modifying my 3FE.
Thanks- got it ordered from Amazon, as well as a couple of others. Thanks again, Luke

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