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Apr 15, 2019
Well, I just picked up this project and I had to get to the transmission to remove it cause it was bad and I got the transfer case out today!! I guess I could compare this to finding the golden cherry in the cherry tree!!!! I know it's a Downey OFF - ROAD transfer case but what else can we tell by the numbers?? I don't know what trans I have on the back of my 4.3 Vortec but I'm leaning towards a THM250 because it looks like it has a BAND adjuster bolt near the tranny lines. It is also cool that it appears to use the stock trans w/ just the tail housing removed and just linking the tail shaft and input shaft by a slide on spline connector!! I'm thinking that if I decide to go to the salvage yard and get another trans, all I need to do is remove the tail cone and slide the outfit over and onto the new trans. Too bad I can't go to a THM350. Maybe I can find the adapter to do so. Can anyone identify this T-case by the numbers? Does it use 80w gear/axle lube or share trans fluid? I need to figure the 4 way shift pattern for 4H, 4L, 2H, and neutral. Looks like an H pattern. Thanks for looking and if you toss some links out there so I can see how this case is made up that would be great. Time for me to get to de-greasing this beast! Scott





Anyone have any idea what I have here? It is a Downey Transfer Case? Where to find parts and other adapters for it? Who took over the Downey line? Marlin?
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Looks to be a Toyota truck t-case. Got pick of oil pan from the trans? Maybe @Downey will be able to ID the adapter for you.
What you have is a Downey Off Road Mfg. adapter that adapts a TH350 auto trans to a stock Toyota 4WD Mini Truck transfer-case, Downey did not make transfer-cases. As I recall, you could use a TH350 auto trans with 6.5" long output shaft, it would have about 4" of splines on the end of the shaft, you would cut off about 2" of that splined area. Then the splined connector will connect the TH350 output shaft to your transfer-case input shaft- - -easy deal.

BTW, that adapter would have been early 1980's, then we went to a two piece adapter, both pieces together were only about 1.5" thick.
It was bolted up to a Buick TH350 and I've removed the 'BOP' adapter from the rear of the Chevy V-6 Vortec engine and will mate the transfer case to a Chevy TH350 trans instead. I've had a new built trans offered to me for $800 w/ 3500 stall speed that was built for a big fwd truck but I'm told to stick to around 1500 to 1800 stall for better shifts. Most transmissions are matched w/ the torque converter so I think I will pass on that one. They may have others though. I spent the day de-greasing it. What is that cap that looks likes like a wire was snipped of of it near that black plate cover w/ the 4 bolts opposite end of speedo cable? The truck frame that is used is a 1992 Toyota PU 1/2 ton. OH, so what has the Downey name on it is the 'trans adapter'?? OK, that makes sense now. No wonder I can't find Downey Transfer cases on line LOL!!!! OK, I better search for a ?1992? Toyota transfer case pdf and I'm sure parts will be easier to find now that I understand. Thanks for stopping by. Scott
The Toyota truck frame ID found. And what sits on top of it now....... Can someone tell me what the shift patter may be? I know it's an H-pattern w/ 4H 4L N 2H but without playing with it, I don't know what it looks like in a shift knob. I have front manual locking hubs. I have aftermarket shift knobs and boots. I wonder if that cap w/ the snipped off wire near the top of that trans case was a sending unit to the dash to illuminate what position the transfer case was in.
DSC_0004 (2).JPG
OK, I bolted the shifter up and mapped the pattern. I wish I had never seen those forks because it can get confusing because when you move the lever from side to side, your mind is thinking what position the forks are in LOL.... I finally got it though...

T-caseshiftpattern (1).jpg

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