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Oct 11, 2005
Maple Ridge, BC
Hey guys, I got a couple questions, first is there anybody here that can cut and turn my front axle, and remove and reweld the spring perches. I think thats all I have to do for the SOA on the front. Also I thinking about swapping in a FF axle in the rear, does any body have one they are selling, I just wanna know how much so I can decide weather or not I wanna do the swap.

Aqualu does the standard cut and turn, and I believe Steve from Extreme Bends can supply them too If your axles are from 1974 there may be a host of issues you want to consider, many of the issues I am not up to speed on. There is a good conversation going on in the 4* series list in regards to this question. Ahhh, here is it...something about ball and claw vs birfield??? I don't know much of anything about Cruisers before 1980 or so, and that thread is about a 1966 cruiser: https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=83513

If you wanted to update your front and rear axles while you're at it I am pretty sure we have complete 7* series axle sets (ff rear) which you could strip down, then have sent to relocate the spring perchs to 4* series width, and get the cut and turn done on the front. In fact, I might even have a cut and turned aqualu front 7* axle with the perchs to 4* series all ready (personal axle). They could include 4:11 3rd members too. If you are interested, get this off list and e-mail us at info@gscruiserparts.com


we have the FF's here as well as front housings. Come by and take a look, we're in Coquitlam
Read the tech threads on Mud first so you have an idea of what needs to be done
There are other things to think about as well
-disk brake upgrade for front housing
-are your springs healthy enough of a SOA, or are they a lift spring with too much arch
-different length perches will change your spring life and amount of flex
-the amount of work to do the job correctly
-replacment parts like bearings, seal, bushings add up quick

I've got a lot of pics of SOA we've done
send me an email or call me

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