Long Term Kaymar Bumper Reports?? (bushings??)

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Guys!

I am contemplating either building my own rear bumper and going with the Kaymar because it seems to be the lightest of the bunch and i will be adding a lot of weight to the rear already via rooftent and 44 gallon tank.

I have heard in the past that some complained the bushings in the rear swing out wear out too fast and the carrier rattles. Is this true?

I am leaning to the Kaymar because it fits with the 44 Gallon tank and it has an intergrated reciever and its light! And i think it is good looking! :D

Any feedback? Long term wear? Any rusting or rattles? Durability wheeling? Anything you would do again?

Anyone ever add their own swingout to it?

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My Kaymar has been on for about a year now. No issues with the tire swing out to date. No rattles either.

I've whacked the bumper a couple of times at Truckhaven and recently on Coyote Canyon at Anza Borrego. NO problems at all, and believe it or not I've got the dings to prove it. :D

I think you know it was my only choice at the time because I tow. Christo has since added the receiver to his masterpiece.

I don't like the option for the hi-lift jack Kaymar has to offer. I think Slee and Hanna bumpers with the jack mount angled behind the tire is a much better option than hanging vertically in front of the tire. Remember to compare apples to apples when price comparing. Slee/Hanna jack mounts are included. Kaymar's mount is around $100 extra.

Anything else, just let me know my friend.
Why dont your sell your Kaymar to me for a nice price and buy the slee! :D

Thanks for the info Brent! What DINGS do you speak of?
Very happy with the Kaymar - thank you very much.

Just road rash from scraping rocks, etc. Not dents if that's what you thought I meant. Only thing that bent so far is the cheap little trailer electrical mount for the Aussie market that's useless here in the states.

Boston Mangler said:
Why dont your sell your Kaymar to me for a nice price and buy the slee! :D

Thanks for the info Brent! What DINGS do you speak of?
What bushings...the Kaymar swing out spindle sits on a bearing, does it not? I bought mine from Nolen Grogan who likely had driven 14 light years with it on his truck. I used it another 100K miles and now its on Kaderabek's truck at 150K and going strong, NO rattles.
Hmmm, you sure, i remember seeing one on a 60 series that was very worn out and rattling.

You sure its a bearing and not a bushing? Maybe the 80 series and 60 series are different? Maybe one if the older style?
Mine has been on for almost two years.

I had a rattle a little while ago. But I just tightened the spindle nut, and now the rattle is gone.

I have dragged mine a couple of times too. Still held up.

And like Brent, that little trailer electrical thingy went by-by a while ago.


Hope this helps.
Bearings vs. Bushings...


They require you grease them before install.
thanks robb and brent

i think this is the way i am going to go! the other bumpers (and the one i want to build) are probably beefier, but the weight is going to be a little overkill with all the crap i am going to be lugging around

thanks for your input!

About 4-5 years ago, Kaymar changed the size of the spindle shaft - making it about 15% larger, and requiring a slightly larger bearing to swing the gate. Perhaps this older, smaller shaft / bearing had something to do with the reported problems? Just guessing.

Anyway, mine is about 3-4 years old, and has the newer, larger shaft / bearing. No issues.

Cheers, R -
mine has been on for 5 years and opened almost everyday if not twice aday. No issues at all. But if you're heading east pick up the slee and stop by I'm sure we can work something out for my DELUXE dual pivot model
Also, if you want to see some upgrades. Jim Brantley, aka PismoJim, has done some nice add-ons to the Kaymar on his 60 series.

Dual pivot bearing model modified for a 37" swamper (128#)
Very well built lots of scraps and bangs but no damage.
Trailer plug mount is worthless.
No problems or complaints but some other will offer better deproach angle and corner clearance.
I've had my Kaymar on for almost 3 years. I've taken it throguh some of the hardest hitting trails in Moab and it did jsut fine! The rear tire carrier is mounted on a bearing load, therefore no bushing to wear out. You may need to grease it from tiem to time.

The drawbacks I've found so far:

1. I hate the latch/lock! Nobody knows how to use it and it gets pinched, bent, scratches the paint, and just doesn't work like it should.

2. Hi-Lift holder sucks. It vibrates too much and can get you stuck on Fins N Things even at it's highest mounting point.

3. The tire and cariier will hit a natural frequency on some CA roads, especaially 101 going through Palo Alto. Watching it just scares me.

Overall it has never loosened up and it is built like a brick sh!t house. Of course there are others that are nicer, but I couldn't get them nearly as cheap!
rockclmbr said:
3. The tire and cariier will hit a natural frequency on some CA roads, especaially 101 going through Palo Alto. Watching it just scares me.

Kevin, I think he means that on certain roads the tire carrier will have a slight tendency to wobble back and forth front to rear some. I've glanced back on occasion and see the tire wobble that way just a little, even tho the tire and swing away carrier are very secure and stout.

I second what "rockclmbr" said.

The locking pall on the swing out is really cheezy, and will cause headaches. The Kamar is not as good as the Slee; but it is a tough bumper. The Kamar lighting system is cheapo, assuming u use it.

Yes, the tire carrier will vibrate like mad and make you and other drivers a little nervous. This is magnified if the Hi-Lift is mounted to the tire as well!

Speaking of Kaymar lighting, I do have the telescoping light which is bright as hell and works very well. For example I can swing it around and point it inside the vehicle when loading/unloading at night. It is great for setting up camp and such.

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