Long Ranger 160L OEM subtank float question?

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Dec 15, 2009
SF Bay Area. Silicon Valley
Anybody that has installed a 160L with the OEM aux fuel sender... Did you have to modify the length on the float rod, or was it bolt on and go?
Not exactly what you are asking but I cut a hole in the top of the tank and put in an OEM fuel pump and sender. So it was basically starting from the same point as the sender only location. I did modify the sender float length and the low fuel sensor height. Assuming a sender only is the same length as a pump and sender unit, the modified fuel float caused the fuel gauge to read around a half tank for a longer time than above and below half. Something else I did was after installing the sender, I added gasoline from 5 gallon cans to the tank making a note of where the gauge read as I added the gas. It was a bit of work but I then pretty much knew how much the tank had in it at different gauge readings and how much was left when the low fuel light came on.

Thanks Bill,
I thought about and talked to you about making the tank work like a second main, but it's not happening for a while. I will go with the 5gal jerries to get a feel for what's where though.

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