Long Range Gas Tank

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Jul 22, 2004
Has anyone installed the MAF long-range gas tank? I'm having a little trouble understanding the instructions as far as modifying the fuel sending unit float arm. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this. Tank works great though once you get over the heart attack when you fill it.
I installed one on my piggy with a friend's help. We removed the sending unit from the orig. tank and then measured the length needed to reach the bottom of the new tank. We used the replacement rod provided and double checked our measurements and angles and then I think the rod was cut to length and somehow brazed/welded together. Hmmm, I guess the details are a little shady now. Anyway, the directions don't help much, but by having everything in front of you it makes sense. The sending unit just has to reach about the bottom of the tank. If you measure conservatively then you may end up refilling your tank before it is empty. No big deal.

(I still have never filled it all the way! By the way, how much does 50 gallons of gas wiegh anyway?)
Lucy_FJ55 said:
(I still have never filled it all the way! By the way, how much does 50 gallons of gas wiegh anyway?)

About 350# :eek:
I had a long range tank,but wasn't from MAF. On mine I took the sending unit and placed it against the side of the tank (tank was out of truck). This gave me an idea of how the long the arm needed to be extended. Then I snipped off piece of a coat hanger, cleaned, and brazed it in place. I'm sure a lead free solder would also work fine. You can adjust the length so that you still have a couple of gallons when on empty. I had a ground problem though with the way the tank was originally mounted and didn't like it being low (flush with the bottom of frame rails.
If you have never brazed before, it is easy if you have a hot gas. Otherwise, the solder meant for plumbing copper pipes and some map gas would work great.
my 55 came with a 53 gallon tank, but it rusted out (and tore holes in my bed!) anyways i still have the extended sender, if you want it pm meyou adress.
hth, carl

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