long drive in a 60!

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Oct 19, 2006
Ft. Worthless, TEXAS!
decided to drive to austin to see my fiancee this weekend left last night at 2:30 am got here this morning at 6:00 am. i drove roughly 200 miles in 3.5 hours runnin 35's and unfortunatly stock gears. at 2500 rpm and counting mile markers and watching the time i was going nearly dead on 60 mph the whole way. had ZERO issues i was not originally gonna drive here but i wantd to take a chance. i used just under a full tank of gas i think i used bout 20 gallons so i think i was getting roughly 10-11 mpg. I will be driving back to ft. worth tomorrow

so for all the land cruiser guys down here honk wave flip the bird whatever.

where i live im lucky to see another cruiser that isnt my roomates or a co worker at work. once a month (62 and older ir maybe a slighlty modded 80) down here i was parked next to a yellow 40 then saw a blue 62 all in an hour and right around the corner from her condo there is a ice clean 60 that works right next to the 7-11 she (fiancee) loves it here and wants me to move... may have to just cause all the cruisers!



look for my baby!
Its not muddy right now tho.:cheers::cheers:
after 200, the old diesal just wants more....
yea i wish i had a diesel... but my gasser works for now then a swap for a SBC then maybe after that a cummins.
LOL you need to change the title......you said long drive? 200 miles..... that's a commute for some :)

Longest I have done would be 1200 miles maybe more. Each way.
Yep, 200 miles isn't much! My last drive was from Vancouver, B.C., Canada to Central America (about 5000 miles)!
My longest one day drive was Mazatlan to Phoenix (about 1000 miles).
Sounds like fun... You might tell the guy driving the cheby your parked beside he has a flat.

I don't get long drives in the 60 very often. Usually the ongest I get is a weekend trip home in which I drive 180M one way another 60-80 around between families and then another 180 back. Hills, curves, dirt roads.....I get about 16 MPG.

long drive? i drove 2600 miles basically non stop in my 60 from Montana to Vermont, she loved it too.
Sounds like fun... You might tell the guy driving the cheby your parked beside he has a flat.


yea thats my other truck. i sold it a month or so ago.

i guess 200 miles isnt that long if you really think about it. i have just never taken this particular vehicle that far i plan on driving it to indiana later on this year to visit famil it is roughly 1000 miles 1 way.

i rebuilt my fan clutch swapped a 3rd member and put a T100 master cylinder on her all less than a week before the trip. I actually did the brakes on the same day and the fan clutch the day before then the 3rd was a couple days before that. due to a previously broken axle shaft that i neglected to get all the metal out which then tore the carries bearings up and were litterally falling out after i took the 3rd out. but not it seems all is well. :cheers:

keep posting up yalls travels fun to her how far people have diven these gas guzzles in 1 sitting.
Longest trip i've done is about 600km's (370 miles) not far I know, but that's all I got.

Most trips are out to the bush for camping/fishing and average this far. The BJ doesn't get great milage in the hill country round here (plus loaded up to the gills), so It takes about 3/4 tank for the trip one way.
There's about a hundred 40 and 60 series trucks in DFW. Lone Star Land Cruisers meets the 3rd Thursday each month in west Dallas. Check out www.lslc.org

I live in east Fort Worth. Drop in anytime.
Happy Trails! N
Longest non-stop in my 60 was coming home from River Shiver this winter...about 875 miles.
cruisin oregon and washington

Yeah, we'll do a 200 mile day trip just for a good beach. When I first got my cruiser road worthy, except for the balding passenger tires it came with from the previous owner that is, we drove all over washington and oregon like bats out of hell. Managed to rack up over 1000 miles in the two states on a truck we knew nothing about. BADASS!

We named it Savage Henry on the trip, as it did 60 mph on the clay dirt roads trhough southeastern oregons desert like a champ.

only bad spot was in the Hart Mountain Antelop Refuge. If you've ever driven through, you'll know that the volcanic rock aggregate roads eat up tires. And that for some reason all central oregon drives dodge trucks, and that it's nearly impossible to find a mounted spare for a toyota. At least without being treated like a commie. Never heard more 'Buy American' comments in my life, and I'm from a small town in backwoods washington.

2600 miles 3 times between South Carolina and Montana. 200 miles feels like nothing

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