For Sale Long Beach CA., 1994 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80.

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Long Beach, California United States
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1994 Land Cruiser. Please read all of this before asking questions. This Land Cruiser is triple locked. Lockers work perfectly. I have upgraded many parts. $22,500.

1. Ron Davis Radiator ($1100)
2. Upgraded heavy duty clutch fan to keep it cool. ($300)
3. Additional electrical fan added to front of radiator to keep the vehicle extra cool during heavy off roading. ($400)
4. 3” lift with RadFlow Remote Reservoir Shocks. ($2600)
5. Method wheels with 35” tires ($2000)
6. ARB front bull bumper ($1100)
7. 8,000lb Warn Winch ($1200)
8. 4x4 Labs rear bumper with Jerry cans and tire carrier. ($2800)
9. New leather on front and middle row seats ($2550)
10. Rebuilt motor, which I have 21,000 miles on. Rebuilt by Top Liner Performance Huntington Beach ($6900). I have the receipt.
11. Prinsu Roof Rack ($1050)
12. Tepui 4 person roof top tent ($2400)
13. Rock Sliders ($1200)
14. Front sway bar delete for maximum articulation.
15. Double din head unit with new speakers, sub and amp. I put a bypass on so you can play DVD’s. ($1300)
16. Rugged Race Radio. ($500)
17. Brand new front brake rotors and pads less than 500 miles ago (top line performance)
18. New EGR Valve
19. New Power steering pump
20. Light bar

A/C and heater works perfectly, power windows all work.

Power front sets do not slide back and forth, I purchased the part to fix it but haven’t touched them.

Cons - this vehicle isn’t a beauty queen. My family and I have used it for multi camping trips and over-landing. We taken it to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon. This vehicle will get you anywhere you want to go, and I truly mean almost anywhere. You can go rock crawling, you can take it in the mud, you can do an overland expedition. But it’s an old vehicle, it’s made for off road. It’s not fast, it doesn’t get great gas mileage. The driver side rear passenger side has damage from off roading. AAA gave me a salvage title and paid me out after I first purchased it because I rolled it into its driver side on cleg horn. That’s when all the modifications began. Bumpers, interior, off road parts, etc…. I am not in a rush to sell, I don’t need any help selling. If I don’t sell it, I don’t mind keeping it. I have a pre runner style 94 bronco that I want to do an LS swap on. Selling my Land Cruiser will give me the funds to do this. If you want a rig to go anywhere in, this is it. No need to buy a 100k sprinter fan when this rig does that and more. I do have an extra rear passenger door as I thought about fixing it and painting it, but with the rock crawling I like to do, I figured there wasn’t a good reason to do so

Link for pics.


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