Lone Star Round Up

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Jul 30, 2003
Madison, MS
I am happy to announce that my younger big brother Paul is getting married in late April. All of the Groomsmen are giving a Couples Shower. This was of course arranged by the wives of the Groomsmen because we are too busy arranging the Bachelor's Party. The date for the Couples Shower, which will be held at my house has been set for March 3rd.

The Gun Runner would not have been ready for the Round Up anyway. Work is very busy and I have a lot to do before the GR is ready for a trail ride:

Reinstall Side Cover on engine with new gasket (after drilling out an easy out & re-tap)
Install Lift Shackles and Shims
Install Tie Rod Ends
Cut Fenders - Install Flares
Upgrade to 35 x 12.5 Mud Dawgs
Bumpstop Extensions?
Install On Board Air
Rear Diff Gasket and Fluid
Repair Front Bumper (weld)
Install Brush Guard
Install Tuffy Console (started)
Install Stereo
Mount CB in Dash
Cooler Rack Fab
etc, etc

I have everything needed for the above except the tires. I just need time to git-r-done. The broken bolt in the block killed my productivity over the holidays and it's not out yet. I realize that these things don't have to be done to be ready for another trail ride. It's just my goal.

So, what is the next trail ride after the Round Up? Razor Back Ramble? GSMTR? SCC?

GSMTR is next. I think Greg is wanting to do the Ramble. Great Ride that I think our club should attend in force! Let us know when you want to try to do some of your list.

OK-Lash is out of the RoundUP.:censor:
Bodean & I are going.

SO who else?

For those who attended TTR event in TX it was a blast so lets see some new CLC faces at this event. Oh yea, Katemacy Rock....is grippy....first timers this is the place to learn.
fj60guy said:
OK-Lash is out of the RoundUP.:censor:
Bodean & I are going.

SO who else?

Don't know if gonna make it yet, sure will try though!
I want to go but, still have a lot of work to do on the 40.

Carb rebuild
Hydraulic line to make up
shock mount to weld
fender & stuff to put back on
knuckel rebuild

What are the dates?
How soon muust I commit?

J.O. Vaught
CottonLand Cruisers
TLCA 12311
Im in. Paid in full. Just like my white trash dues. Mr President I dropped the proverbial check in the mail today.

Steve Smith
I just posted up to Leaky Seals board. Steve, so you're in huh? Driving or flying? I'd like to get a few more from our area going to make a good trip.
Like I stated over there... it's a 1% chance of me attending which means there's still a chance:bounce:

I could represent my dual membership as a cottonhead and leakyhead
fj60guy said:
Bodean & I are going.

SO who else?

What are your travel plans? days?
I am leaving early Wed. morning. I am printing the t-shirts so I need to get there asap to deliver. I'm thinking about painting the ole Dodge brown and putting UPS on the side!

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