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What sought of Price would I be looking at for a Lokka Lock Right 30 Spline? ::)

Would the same Locker fit the 30 Spline in a BJ40-RV and FZJ80-RV? ???
I just priced Lock rights and Detroits a couple days ago at Drive Train Direct.

Lock Rite - $259
Detroit - $599 -Ouch!
What the difference between the Lokka Lock Right and the Powertrax Lock Right?

What do you think is better between the Lock Right and the E-Z Locker?
I don't think the Lokka is sold in the US. I've never seen one here before. I've seen pictures of it in Australian magazines and it looks to be the same as the Powertrax.
The same for the EZ locker. I've never used one, but it looks identical to the lockrite.
I've heard very good things about the customer service from Powertrax.

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