Loctite Weld 0, Duct Tape 1

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Aug 7, 2006
Northern Virginia
I replaced my worn out shocks with Bilsteins last weekend. That one hour job took all weekend due to stubborn and broken bolts. I had broken the bolt that holds the rear shock to the axle. Drilled it out - fine. Unfortunately, I would need a Metric 14 tap to re-thread it. I don't have one and couldn't find one. I figured I could weld a cut down bolt in there and use it as a stud. Of course, the welder is at work and I'm at home.

I get the bright idea to use Loctite Weld (similar to JB Weld). The shock rests on the mount, so the only force on the stud would be lateral force holding the shock on. How much could that possibly be? (Probably a lot since they use a M10 nut there!).

So I epoxy it in and holds. I check it often after some short drives and I think I'm OK . . .until today. It started driving funny and I immediately knew what was wrong. I got my 5 y.o. son in the back and just the tools in the car. It has rubbed off a decent of inner sidewall already.

I jack the frame up to take some stress off the spring and man-handle the shock back onto the bottom mount (not easy!). Now, how to I keep it there? No bailing wire or clothes hangers. Just about 3 wraps of duct tape on a virtually spent roll. I wrap the lower shock to the mount and hope it holds for a little bit to get me closer to home (about 5 miles).

I drive as smoothly as I can and get home and hope the shock hasn't destroyed the tire. And I'll be damned if the minimal duct tape wasn't still holding the thing on the axle!:bounce:

Needless to say, I will be welding it this weekend.
Glad that didn't end badly! Weld that up!!! :)

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