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locking diffs 8" and 9.25"

Mar 10, 2006
burbank/simi valley CA
have a rear full floater w/elocker out of a 94 fzj80 complete w/calipers 650.00 or 550.00 for the 3rd member with the elocker motor and shift folk, and the coupler has 4:10 gears
in socal will only ship the 3rd member not the complete housing bout 50.00 bucks for shipping

have a rear 02 tacoma elocker v6 type with elocker motor needs ring and pinion 350.00 w/elocker motor

have an 06 tacoma rear v6 3rd member w/elocker motor also needs ring and pinion 375.00

in socal Simi Valley or Burbank area thx Tony

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