lockers or sink

May 31, 2003
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Some time ago, there was a discussion about the value of lockers and whether someone in the market for an 80 should keep looking to find one. here's an experience I had this week...

While running on dirt roads along the coast in Northern Ca we saw a beach that we really wanted to get on. We got down into a creek bed that was mostly dry but we eventually had to cross the creek. Found a good spot and crossed no problem. On the way back we crossed at the same spot, just about 5 ft from our tracks. We got part of the way across and the right side of the 80 just fell off the ledge and was in deep water. It was completely stuck with water coming in the PS door. With the sound of the current hitting the side of the truck, I engaged the lockers and drove right out of that mess.

This is my first LC with locking diffs and the first time I needed them and I was totally amazed at how well they work. And totally grateful.


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