Locker's assembled! Pics inside

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Jan 27, 2010
Fairbanks AK

I rebuilt both my third members with all new bearing and ARB's. It was a lot of fun and i recommend it for anyone looking to have this upgrade done... Do it Yourself. It is a slow process (if it is yoru first time) but with the FSM and the assistance from MUD and a few good online write ups, all the information you need is readily available.

I included some pics because I have noticed a lot of folks dont want to reply unless there are pics.

On that topic... I have another post in which I am asking for some infomation. I have had a few lookers but no one will reply to my query :bang: please go take a look and get me an answer!!! plus hte guys at IPOR aint answering their phones.
Did you ask a question? I missed it...What's your question??
I don't think it'll fit bolted to that angle iron like that. I haven't done mine yet, so I may be wrong... :D
Thanks for the pics.
Too funny... I held mine the same exact way, a couple sticks of angle clamped to a Workmate.

well I spend a week reading and searching everything I could find regarding installing lockers and rebuilding axels/differentials.. I cant rememeber what threads and sites I read. But if i printed it I will look it up again later...
Mostly I read to feel more comfortable with the project and used my FSM for hte build.
Did you keep the stock gearing while you were in there....or up-size 'em?

I didn't think you had to completely disassemble the pumpin to install ARBs....but they're different than the lunchbox type locker I see. (Never seen pics of a diff with the ARB in it until now)

I like the idea of the angle iron....I'll be doing that on my next tear-down - great idea!

Yeah, I stayed with the stock gears. The ring and pinion looked ok and I am willing to give it a shot before I gear down. I am expecting it to be just low geared enough.

I am not sure about the pinion, it could have stayed perhaps, but they needed servicing anyway, all new bearings, seals and shims. Like I said it was fun and now I know I have good bearings and seals. no worries!
Who did you get your locker through? I'm in Fairbanks too and shopping has been killing me lately.

I bought mine a few months back. ARBs were one sell ... buy both front and rear and get a compact compressor and inflation kit free. i did that.

I use a freight forwarder from Fife WA to Fairbanks. That usually bring down shipping since many distributers only use UPS ground.

I cant remember who I used, I purchased everything at one time so there were many distributers. I will look though

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