Locker/LSD ID help

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Jun 18, 2011
Hi Guys. Found a guy selling a couple third members that he's calling LSD. Over here thats anything from a true LSD from the factory to any of the various lockers. I'm attaching some pictures can you guys tell what kind of locker is installed? He also says they'll fit 40's or 60's. I'm running a 40 series SF now but will be swapping in a 60 series FF rear. Will these work in both? Thanks for the help.

Looks like a factory LSD one that came in the 70 series to me.

I have heard most people tend to take them out. I know i got one here on the shelf from someone we put the TJM lockers in for.
Yes! Factory LSD gear. Could be from the 70 series or 80 series depending on the gear ratio.

LSD gear can ONLY work on FF axle NOT SF axle. Take note!:D

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