Wanted Locked LX450 in excellent condition

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United States
I'm still looking at expo rigs but the gf needs an easier daily - so please help me find one of these trucks - they are dam near impossible to find!

In fact, if you help me find the perfect truck - I'll paypal you $200 (I've tried brokers but they aren't interested as they can't search for the lockers automatically)

1996-1997 LX450
Color: White or Silver (White prefered) (a real stretch to beige...)
No Rust, whatsoever
Preferably less than 120k miles
MINT interior (including both front seats)
Diff lockers
Very well serviced - records prefered
1-2 previous owners
Modifications are ok

I trawel Craigslist extensivey, and autotrader, aol lemonfree, ebay etc with no luck so far. So bear in mind

Please help :)



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