Location of PCV Valve

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Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Is the PCV Valve located on the passenger side of the engine toward the bottom of the block? That's the only thing I can find that resembles the replacement valve I bought......but want to make sure before I remove what I think is the old one. Can't seem to find the location in my old 2F Engine Manual. Time to get a Haynes or something!! Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm learning here. ;)
Sounds right, should be just above the starter, at least that's where mine is. On the lifter gallery cover there is a steel elbow and it's in the grommet on top of the elbow.
Go to sor.com. Click on on-line catalog and search pcv valve. Scoll down, find your year of your engine and it will be part 21. Did not know the year of your cruiser otherwise would have posted the pic. Hope this helps.
Yeah, metal elbow coming out near the firewall on passenger side--PCV valve is between elbow and the rubber hose that goes up and over valve cover. I could never find a picture either.

Replace the grommet while you're at it, there's a good chance you'll tear it taking old valve out, and they're like $2 or so.


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