Location of downstream O2 sensor on 95+

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Apr 12, 2005
Seattle, WA
Could someone take a look under their 95+ and see where the second O2 sensor is (or maybe C-Dan can chime in). This is the O2 sensor positioned somewhere downstream of the second inline catalytic converter.

I ask because we've had custom work done on the Project FZJ80 and one cat was temporarily deleted and the sensor moved to near the muffler canister. I don't think that can be right, and I need to know where to put the downstream sensor when we put in the new exhaust system and new O2 sensor (also ordered from CDan).

Thank you!

About 8" prior to the muffler. It's mounted on the exhaust pipe right after it passes the frame rail, in the bend as it turns towards the muffler.

If the muffler canister is in the stockish position, it should be OK. The O2 is heated, so it doesn't have to wait for heat like the old time ones. As long as the pipe to the O2 is tight, it should read OK. Any little holes will throw a cat inefficiency code.
Also, the oem wire harness and the wire lead from the oem sensor will limit its placement - ie, you can't put it too far back 'cause it won't reach :)

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