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Sep 28, 2004
Spokane, WA
List some Auto Wrecking yards, I'll keep them at the top for easy access. Post up any positive or negative comments too if you like. Where are the auto wrecking yards in ID? Did I miss any in the Spokane area?

Auto Wrecking in the Inland Northwest:

AA Auto Salvage - 3504 S. Inland Empire Way, Spokane - (509)456-4367

A-Z Auto Parts - 371 Dominion View Rd, Colville WA - (509)684-6137

NIX-99 (not local, but great selection of Toyota parts) - (800)782-0682 or (425)743-2881

Pick-N-Pull - 8525 N. Freya St, Spokane - (509)465-9610

Pull-N-Save - 10414 E. Knox Ave., Spokane - (509)921-8000

Todd's Auto Parts - 410 N. Hayford, Spokane - (509)532-8279

Spalding Auto Parts - 2210 N. University, Spokane - (800)366-2070 or (509)924-3300

Whitey's - 4330 E. Francis, Spokane - (509)489-3850
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Was just at Whitey's over on Francis... They have a couple '86 and an '85 FJ60's. Just incase anyone was interested. Laters!
wrecking yards in couerdalene area

Pegasus auto recycling (208)772-3791

garwood wrecking (208)772-3993
We've got our own boneyard of sorts up in Sandpoint, Idaho plus know of other *ahem* collectors in the area, so if the mainstream yards don't have anything, please email or call us.

The Land Cruiser Shop
email: woody@selkirkoffroad.com

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