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Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
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At our meeting last night we discussed branching out this Christmas season with a club run, toy drive, fundraiser, donation to a local non-profit and or charity. We want a way to impact the community as a club and help those in need. We have no map for this so all ideas are welcome. We thought it could be fun to put our heads together to help out our fellow Montanan's. A few initial ideas are:

A Toys for Tots Drive
Raising funds for a local charity
Donating some of club funds
Having some sort of contest that benefits a local group.
Having fun!

We are thinking of doing something in lieu of an "official meeting" in December. Between parties, family visits, work, and gatherings things get tight in December. Also, we thought it would be cool if we helped out a local charity that is doing good in the community.


Feel free to toss out some good local charities or non-profits that could use some help.


Suggest an event/idea that could take the place of the normal monthly meeting.

We basically want to get the ball rolling so we can knock out some details at the November meeting.

A few local charities I get excited about are:

  • "Auto Team" these guys volunteer mechanic time and help anyone who needs help with their vehicles, they specialize in helping single moms keep their cars running. I believe it is under the organization Greater Impact here in Bozeman.
  • Love Inc. My family has helped move people who needed a hand when moving from one spot to another within the city who don't have the means to do it themselves. They are local and help with all kinds of family/personal needs.
Sep 16, 2012
Big Sky Country
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I’m going to suggest Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley. They not only build homes for local low-income families, they also repair homes so that current residents can stay in them. The Gallatin Valley Food Bank can always use some help too.
Jul 24, 2016
Found the threads from the previous events when TC was still around


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