Local injector cleaning

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
Is there a local place that cleans injectors, instead of shipping them out to Mr. Injector or other places recommended here in the mud forums? We need my son's 22re injectors cleaned.


http://theaustinfuelinjection.com/ They did mine when I had a bad one, decided to do the other 5 since they were exposed. Drop it off and come back in 24-48 hours.
Yeah, those guys are reasonable if you take them in yourself.
Thanks Jason, Dave,

I will call them on Monday. Any idea of the cost per injector?
Mine was about $35 each, this was August IIRC. Sure there are cheaper online but it's local/faster and the guy gave me a tour and showed me how they were going to be cleaned. really neat.
Thanks Jason,

I will let my son decide since he is paying for the clean.
I stumbled upon Austin Fuel Injection a couple weeks ago when looking for a p pump part. The Cummins dealer recommended them. They were super nice and will definitely go back when I need their services. I even got a tutorial on the workings of a p pump that they had in the back.

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