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Discussion in 'FJ55 Iron Pig Preservation Society' started by BushBoy, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Feb 26, 2004
    Darwin, Australia.
    Not too long ago my uncle who also owns a pig, told me of a landcruiser wreckers about an hour away from here and on the way to his town, so i thought it was about time for me to check it out and see what they had. so i went for a drive.
    the wreckers only has 2 whole pigs at the moment and a few more 40's etc, but has plenty of parts stored away.
    he has a bonnet in nice condition that i think i will want, and matching front panels but i've fixed my front panels now so i don't need those.
    i actually need a few things, but for now i only ended up buying a better speedo, as the one i have is too large for the hole and is hard to see the numbers, and he gave me an un-molested but rusty top section for the air filter as mine was modified in a dodgy manner to suit the gas conversion, and had the possibility for leaking in dust.
    i was also after a key switch for the rear door but no luck there, so i think i'll try a hilux 4runner surf.
    he has a few square type taillights, but not enough in stock and definately not good enough quality to send over to you guys who are interested, imo.

    anyway, i now know my local crusier wreckers and get on well with the freindly bloke who owns it, and i dare say i'll be back in the not too distant future for more bits.

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