lo-temp thermostat and rad. flush

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Oct 12, 2008
Bremerton, Wa
:wrench: Hey Lenny123 here..getting ready to put in a low-temp thermostat in the 82 FJ60. Just moved to Louisiana where it gets quite hotter than the Northwest ever did. Anyway figured I'd do a radiator flush while I am at it.....actually never done one before!!!!!! Any tips or pointers I need to know before I change out the thermostat and do a radiator flush??????
Drain and refill might be all you need. Sometimes flushing can loosen up stuff that is better sitting still.

Get new thermostat housing bolts and a new gasket. And make sure you've got the O ring that sits on top of the thermostat. I didn't use any sealant on the gasket. And don't tighten the housing bolts too much. The aluminum housing threads strip easy.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Thanks for the input...so you are saying not to flush but just drain and fill?????? I have all the gaskets needed....I always put new gaskets on when doing stuff so I am covered there.
Yep, I just drain and fill. There are probably different opinions, but with an old radiator, I figure you don't want to scour too much junk off and get it moving around inside. Same reason I don't like the sludge treatments for the oil circuit. There might be stuff in there that's just fine sitting still, but would be a disaster if it got loose and plugged something up.

FYI, it takes me a few hundred miles of driving to get all the air bubbles out. You might try searching for burp methods, but it'll eventually work its way out without burping. Just don't freak when the temp spikes if a bubble gets on the sender.

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