LJ78 prado AC system information

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Feb 7, 2006
Edmonton, AB
hello all,

summer is on its way and i need to get my AC system operational.

When i switch on the AC, the dryer window shows white milty residue with small bubbles flowing through it. There is no cooling whatsoever.

I have the following questions
1. What is the refrigerant capacity for the system in lbs or oz?
2. In the attached photo, is the black cap the low-pressure hose, the red cap is the high pressure one?

I see some forum members have used this product, perhaps they can chime in their experience.
If i want to use duracool's system seal, can it be used in combination with R12a.

the 2nd picture is the back of the compressor.

thank you all,
Ali C.
DSC00007 (Medium).JPG
DSC00006 (Medium).JPG

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