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Feb 25, 2007
Prescott Valley
I need to know the length of the little spring that goes under the
fuel filter. I changed mine finally and low and behold no spring no washer and some funny looking filter that doesn't quite look right.

I don't want to give SOR $20 for one of the bloody things so if someone could help me out that would be great. Length is all I need I am sure I can engineer a working model.

Also if anyone is considering an H-engine in any sort of cruiser I have beat mine to death now for a couple thousand miles and it hasn't missed a lick. I have been using it mostly above 5000 feet and in some cold weather that it doesn't like too well, but it always fires the first or second time when it is warm and the fourth or sixth time when it isn't. I just absolutely love my troopie. 1980 HJ45 :steer:

Now I realize that there are many much improved diesels engines out there, but hey this one keeps kicking and doesn't fail me, so what if the nieghbors hate it when I fire it up they can always move. ;)

I also find it interesting that I can order parts from Austraila and have them air frieghted cheaper than I can get them from SOR.:cool:

Dude the title should read Little help, my bad.
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