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Mar 5, 2008
So, i've had my original OEM starter since 9/1975 (go toyota!!).

Stopped working, so i put a reman SOR unit on there.

As an aside (doh!!) it turned out my starter WAS still working... a wire had come off the solenoid, and i didn't realize it went onto the starter till i put in the NEW one, and had the SAME problem.. by then.. the new one was in, so i figured what the hell..

anyhoo.. back on topic..

about 10% of the time, when i go to crank, the starter makes a grinding sound, as if i'm trying to start an already running vehicle. I turn the key to OFF, and then rekey it to RUN, and it cranks normally.

I called SOR, and the sales guy suspects I have a couple of broken flywheel teeth. I mentioned that on my OEM original starter, I can't recall this ever happening.... ever...

so is he on the mark, and for some reason the NEW starter is bringout out an EXISTING problem with my flywheel, or is he full of it, and the starter is at fault?



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Oct 1, 2003
What is occurring is that the starter motor bendix is rotating before it is fully engaged into the flywheel ring gear teeth, creating that fantastic noise you are experiencing.

Put the old starter motor back in and see how many times it makes that noise when you start the vehicle over a month period.

I would be very hard pressed to believe that the issue you are having is related to your flywheel ring gear teeth.

I have had direct drive starter motors, (read old style) and the new gear reduction units have the issue you are describing.

I install a different starter motor and everything is fine.


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