little black coil wire

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Jan 13, 2015
Bend, OR
wrapping up my head gasket. and there is a little black wire that is pigtailed to the bottom of the coil and comes up near the alternator and it has a eye on one end to be mounted under a screw.

is this a ground or does it get mounted to the backside of the alternator?

I can't remember where it goes and all the pictures i took don't show it

Looks like 2 wires from bottom of cool. One short one has a clip on it to another black wire. The longer one with a ring fastener goes up in front of the #1 intake runner and grounds out to the engine hoist ring. Disclaimer: just had this engine out of the rig, but everything works fine now. John
ahhh i know exactly where that is, i still have a nut bolt in the whole but nothing being held down!

thanks I'm hoping to fire this up today!

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