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May 14, 2008
Bee Cave, Tx
I may need some help in going to pick up another FJ 40 I just bought:bounce:. It is located in Rockdale. I'm going to contact the owner Saturday after I get back from San Angelo to schedule a time to pick it up. If I'm able to pick it up Saturday evening or Sunday, my wife will probably go with me (doesn't mean another set of eyes and hands won't be helpful), but I am suspecting I may have to plan on getting it Monday or one day during the week. If someone is available to go during the week give me a call Saturday 264-7069 hm or 785-9215 cell. Supposedly, the truck has no "guts" in the rear diff as the truck was hit on the passenger side right at the rear tire and damaged the area of the gas tank door and passenger door area (hey!!, I have plasma, I can fix it!!!):whoops:. Anyway, if anyone is interested in being an extra set of eyes and hands, let me know. :cheers:
I'll give you a call Saturday afternoon when I find out something Matt. Thanks Dude- W'

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