liquid leak

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Nov 30, 2009
holland MI
My 85 fj60 is leaking some type of liquid. The color of it looks like coolant kind of but i checked my coolant levels and thats not the leak. The leak follows the bottom of the frame and then leaks by the front bumper on the passenger side. So I'm thinking that could maybe be a crack in the bottom of my radiator and it drips onto the frame? I'm not sure yet so if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know.
There's really not that many fluids it could be. If it looks like coolant it probably is. If your budget allows for it, a radiator pressure tester, a UV light, and a bottle of die will make finding an obscure coolant leak easier.
Power steering fluid??

The P/S cooling tube has a loop from the P/s pump parallel to the bumper inside the front frame rail. Mine had a couple of rusted thru pinhole sized leaks. Leak was centered side to side, but would have fluid in varing locations front to back. I guess due to airflow?

There's really not that many fluids it could be. If it looks like coolant it probably is.
Yup. A $10-15 el-cheapo dye kit and an hour of your time will remove doubt if it's coolant or not. A PS leak would be red up to some shade of brown/black depending on maintenance. Toy red coolant would be distinguished from atf by it's viscosity, of course.
I had a leak in the same spot on the passenger side frame between the bumber and valence. If you look through the grill there is a compression fitting. Thats where mine was leaking, looks like coolant but oily. Its the ac liquid line.
If yours is leaking there, pull the headlight bezels and grill and try to tighten the fittings. Mine were loose, not sure if there is an o-ring in there.

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