Linkage Pictures for 75-80ish Carbs


Nov 7, 2003
Long Island, NY
I am just down converting back to stock from a Holley two barrel. I was able to get the choke to line up and work nicely. However, there are several hoses and brackets that go everywhere. I have a pretty good idea how to hook up the accelerator linkage and hoses, however....was curious as to the details of doing this.

Do any of you have any close up shots of the mentioned years? Preferably the back of the carb so I can get a good look at the hoses and linkage?


Dallas Maddox

(Jeff Zepp has a great site with the same situation, however an earlier model was used and I can make out the linkage for the accelerator and so on.)
Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I did the same thing on my 75 except I put a 79 carb on it. I was able to figure out the linkage by using the Spector catalog and the emmisions factory manual (Haynes has similar diagrams). My cruiser is stored away from me or else I would send you some pictures.
Spector was able to supply some used linkage parts. I found out after that the dealer still has some of the parts available. If you are a TLCA member some dealers give a 25% discount that usually brings the cost below spector.

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