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Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
I have heard of people welding up their rear gears, and I know there both pros and cons. I have been in wonderment for quite some time-about how if you wanted to do that wouldn't it be better to do that in the front where you can disengage both the hubs and the dshaft from the xfer? ???

Any views on this please. Anyone done it up front?
In front, because there would be NO opportunity for "give" in the system, you'd go thru birfields like a 2 year old thru M&M's. Steering offroad would be terrible...REALLY terrible.

For a primarily trail truck and occasional road rig, a welded rear is nice. I've had mine welded for 2 years with no complaints. Weld in 8 points where the spiders and side gears meet, both sides, and make sure the crosspin and center block can still be removed.
I've got a cousin who drives a bronco with a welded front. He has a dana 44 in the front and a 9 inch in the rear with a detroit. He's running 40 inch swampers and boggers and has broken at least one front axle. It works really well for him because prefers to wheel in 2wd. When he does use 4wd it is usually in the snow or mud so the lack of a differential doesn't make that much difference. If he tried to rock crawl with it, he would probably be breaking a lot of parts. I wouldn't consider welding the front on my cruisers, especially on my 40 without power steering.
I forgot to mention that having a welded front forces you to unlock the hubs every time get back to solid ground so you can steer again. That is way too much work.

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