Light Switch Dilema

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Jul 31, 2002
Behind the Orange Curtain, CA
I thought I would post this in the 40 section for more help (hopefully).

I am having trouble with the headlight/running light switch.

If I rotate the switch 1 click to the left, I get headlights, tail lights, (no front bib lights).

Rotate the switch 2 clicks to the left, I get front bib lights, tail lights (no head lights).

Rotate the switch 1 click to right, I get tail lights only.

Are the bib light suppose to come on with the headlights? I changed out the switch, it did not make a difference, I cleaned the terminals and connectors on the inner fender as well. Any help is appreciated.
1965 swb 096 (Medium).jpg
Are the bib light suppose to come on with the headlights?


They are a parking lamp only and are not supposed to be on when the headlamps are on.
Thanks Steve,

I guess my dilema is over then :). I need to talk to you about rear disc brake brackets and rotors.

I've seen quite a few guys wire up power to the bib lights so they come on with the headlights. Not sure if it's what you want to do but there's a few threads about it.

Here's a link to Treeroot's online owners manual: 64 FJ40 Manual

Page 8 covers the light switch.

Thanks Dom.

What is a meter pilot lamp? Instrument lights?????

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