light squeeling with clutch

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Mar 15, 2009
I got all the noises fixed and am down to one! I originally thought it was the alternator pulley but its not.

If the clutch is just sitting there its fine when I go to push it in there is a faint squeal and it either goes away at speed or I can't hear it over the engine. Anyways, I think its the throw out bearing. Is there a way to grease it or is there a way to replace it with out heart surgery? I searched but couldn't find a how to.

Thanks in advance guys!

The only way to replace it is to pull the transmission because it slides onto the input shaft from the engine

It is not complicated at all just a few bolts on the bell housing and pull the shifter and cables for speedo and brake and slide it back and down. Pulling the seats, tank, and tunnel is more of a pain. I used a sawhorse in the cab and hung the tranny from a come along and ratchet straps front and rear to tilt it

Can be done in a day but the trans can be trick to line up correctly in some cases

If you do the pilot bearing at the same time makes sure it slides easily on the input shaft before installing in the engine side---if not the trans will not go in or at least make it much harder
Cleaning up the shaft with emery cloth does the trick

Might want to look at the ol parking brake while you are in there too
You are the man with the plan.

I still have to get this oil pan redone first. Maybe after I get that done the oil will burn up in the bell housing and hopefully no more squeaky.

Is it ok to clean the fly wheel and all the stuff in the bell housing cover with simple green and just hose it down with water? I have oil in there b/c of the stupid oil pan gasket leak. I doubt its the real seal b/c the leaks coming from a new spot now that I did a oil pan gasket change.

You are the man with the plan.

:rolleyes: Who me? Only cause I learned the hard way already,---- dont think I have a plan or a budget:lol::lol:

Here is a link to when I did my rear main seal and clutch change. Should find the OEM part numbers you need if you go that route

I dont think simple green and water would hurt anything but maybe a slim chance of contaminating the clutch disc with soap and making it slip?

I found that a can of brake cleaner works really well and you can spray it on the clutch material no prob---will work just like it does on brakes

Hey, when you do yours make sure you install the throw out bearing the right way round with the rounded concave surface towards the clutch--some are really obvious and some are not and there are different styles out there---Ax me how I know:eek:

yeah I tore the corner out on my oil pan gasket too on the first go but I got it down now.
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Brake cleaner it is.

Yeah I was reading that. I appreciate it.

This Thursday I get to install brakes ! After coming to a screatching hault past the stop line at a red light the other day and about rear ending my buddy the brake master cylinder is coming in and we are going to do all the tweaks to the brakes. Pumping brakes only goes so far.

In order of fixing:
Brakes (Thursday)
Oil Pan Gasket (Next Week)
Throw out bearing (When I get time... wife is getting cranky I have been living in the garage for the past month)

The old girl just got a african safari paint job this weekend ( I needed a moral boost). I'll be making a thread soon so you get to see this mystery machine and I really appreciate your info and help.

Hmmm, you put old girl and the :princess: in the same post ---just be careful about clarifying or you could be in deeper:eek::eek::lol::lol:

African Safari:clap::clap: I cant wait to see that! I love those paint jobs reminds me of the old nature shows---you know; Jim wrestling the RHINO, etc!

Clarence and Judy would love a ride --DAKTARI!
YouTube - daktari :lol::lol:

I had toyed with doing the CAMO vinyl thing like my dash but chickened out!
bsmith123... ok I couldn't wait.. here ya go!

I call it Serengeti Green... I'm going to sand down the hood and redo it .. the matte black does that..

I have a soft top for it but its in the refinishing stage so no need to put it on yet.

I'm looking into a family bikini top.. to finish it off for the summer and some half doors. I have full doors but that just wouldn't look right.

its got a 4" HFS lift and 33 BFGs.

I just changed all the fluids on Saturday .. good night I hate the nausiating smell of gear oil.

Nice, I thought you meant white with zebra stripes though

aw well!

Still---looks good

you should name it and do a build post to put all the progress in

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