Lifting a 2013 double cab 4x4 Tacoma

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Feb 19, 2007
Hesperia, Calif.
I' would like to lift my 2013 4x4 Tacoma for better ground clearance. Seen 3" spacers, any adverse reaction to spacers? Anybody done a lift on these things?
I went with a Truxx 3" on my 07' No problems. Only thing I had to do was get longer shocks for the rear.

I wheel light trails and pull a 19 ft RV with it, also my DD
Spacer lifts are the popular and easiest way to lift the front-end. A 3" spacer won't cause any problem and upgrading to Bilstein shocks can really make a difference in ride quality.
use the Bilstein 5100 lift strut, you get a better lift and new strut for the same price.

only go 2.5", check your CV boots regularly
Go for an OME suspension kit.

If you want more lift than that, You'll need to do upper control arms and other stuff, which significantly increases the cost.
Using spacers is a cheap and an effective lift but sometimes it can make your truck ride rough. Another option is using Bilstein shocks just like what others said. They can level the front of your rig but they don’t provide a full lift. I would suggest that save your money for a true and complete suspension lift kit like on this - and OME and Fabtech are some of the popular suspension kits for Tacoma.
Icons, Kings, or OME. The discussions on which is better are endless; Icons for off roading, Kings for desert racing, and OME for a little bit of everything.

You have brand new Toyota designed suspension. If you go the cheap way, you will regret it in ride quality.

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