Liftgate fitment 05 to 03 land cruiser

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Feb 28, 2020
Hey all, I am looking to replace my rusted out lift gate on my 03. I have been searching for a long time and found an 05! I think this should be a direct fit, can anyone shed some light on this. I know the back up camera came about during this period but I think that’s on the tailgate. Also, this 04 doesn’t have a spoiler like my 03. Any insights?
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Also, what color you all think this is?
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Either something went wrong with your picture (or maybe it doesn't display on my computer) or I'd say it's white with white glass and no emblems. :rofl:

Edit--second time I tried to view page (after @sammybones replied) the picture showed up; wouldn't you know it. . . .

I think an 05 will work fine, but I'd go to someone with a good online parts catalog (partsouq) and look the part number up for the two years. If it's different part numbers, you can start asking interchange questions.

People seem to either love or hate spoilers--If you love 'em, transfer yours; if you hate 'em, don't!
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Also, search on You can probably find one in your color so you won’t have to paint. 03-07 should all work. The tails on them is a crap shoot. Some have “whale tails” and some have the black blade style. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
Also - the holes for LX "L" emblem and the Toyota Sombrero are not the same, so the upper hatches are direct fits, but the emblem holes don't match. I used an LX hatch on my LC, and put a BH3D TEQ emblem on to cover the holes. If you are getting the hatch painted, just get the holes filled and use body tape to stick the right emblem on.

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