"Lift" to get ARB Fridge in/out of rear side door?

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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
I mount my ARB fridge to access from the rear passenger side door, mounted on the floor (rear seat removed). Getting it in/out of the truck is a PITA (especially filled) because of the rear wheelwell. I have to lift the fridge up pretty high and slam it... this is not good for the fridge or the truck.

I am working up a plan for a lift platform of some sort to allow me to set the fridge on it in the doorway then push and lower it down into place (and reverse to get it out). i haven't done any more than internet designing at this point, I will be standing next to the truck to take some measurements soon.

I wanted to ask if anyone else has skinned this cat before I go nuts designing.

THis is the general idea I have (i might build my own bracket/hinges)

I stored mine in the same place but behind the drivers seat. Never moved it. Didn't sleep in the car.
I don't sleep in the truck but I'd like to be able to get it in/out more easily. I like to load it in the house and put it in the truck just before I go. I also want to be able to move it between my tow vehicle and my 60...
I have my girlfriend load it regardless of vehicle, she's in charge of chow, edible fluids, liquor, and navigation. Problem solved. I'm in charge of driving and all combustible fluids.
I think we should stop now... :worms:
You are right..time to stop. If she saw my earlier post I'd be lifting my own fridges. If I could ever lift anything ever again. I guess you will have to get back to your original idea....which Btw...is a good one.
I feel your anguish. I've moved, lifted, slid, built a platform, and chipped the crap out of the paint on the
wheelwell. I have now decided to put it in the rear, and cut a hole in the wooden platform in the back so
a) it doesn't slide around, cause it can't. b) it is lighter than the other stuff I will store in its place.
But if you do come up with a solution I'd sure be interested myself.
Could you use a 'Drop Slide'? May have to make a platform so it sits clear of the wheel arch, to enable it to slide straight out, then drop down. Would make access and loading a lot easier...
I saw those. I want to be able to get into the fridge while in the truck. If it is on a platform it will be too high to open. Plus there is no straight line out of the side door for that to slide. Plus $$$ :)
I wheel with my spare straped down flat in the back so the fridge wont fit. I could slide the spare forward but it would be a pain to get out past the fridge if I needed it.
You know I have 3 of these in various sizes and the owners manuals describe how to pop the lid off at the hinges but damned if I can do it. What's up?

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