Lift ID for new bushing purchase

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Oct 22, 2007
Lexington, SC
Hey guys. I need to order new bushings for my cruiser. Issue is it is lifted, but I am not sure what height or manufacture. It was lifted before I got it and I beleive lifted before the previous owner had it. And I believe it has caster corrected bushings installed. Should i go by lift height or pull a control arm to see if the bushings have a color on them that may give indication of what manufacture they are from? Not quite sure where to start since i dont have a clue bout the lift. Here is a pic of my truck. I am running 285's under it.


Thanks for any help or guidance. I am getting tired of the clunks when turning.
I'd pull the front LCA's down for a peak of the bushings currently installed (color and centering of the hole). Do them one at a time.
It is defiantely the bushings and not the birfs. You can feel it. I can pull the arm.


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