Let's try this again… how much $ to fix one up like this?

Aug 5, 2014
Alright, I posted another thread like this and I got great feedback but I didn't make it clear what I'm really hoping to find out.

How much can I expect to spend to fix up a 60 or 62 to the condition of the attached images? The wife's car will sell for about $7-8k. I'd like to be able to cover the cost of the vehicle itself and any repairs necessary to get it to run reliably with that amount. From there we can work on upgrades, tires, interior, ext. I know that with these you're never really "done," and every truck is different. But I'd like to know, in order to fix it up to the condition of the attached images, what am I looking at? $10k, $12k, $15k, $20k?? What's my range here?

PS… sorry these are attached and not in the body of the post. I can't figure out how to load them.

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Jan 24, 2009
Your best bet is to ask shops local to you about the paint job and interior upholstery rework, and how much they'd be the wagon. You can almost bet that the paint and interiors on a 30 yr old truck will need some work to look that nice. Your location will play a factor in both—paint jobs could be a helluva lot cheaper in Alabama than say...southern California.

I haven't shopped for a cruiser in a while, so I'll have to let others speak to what a cruiser in good shape costs these days—
Oct 1, 2002
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That is a very hard to answer question. Much of it will depend on the quality of truck you start with. For instance, the interior of my truck was completely done for under $2,000 but it also needs paint which could be as high as 5,000 so I could have 7,000 just in paint and interior. But if my paint was in good shape then then I would only have 2,000 in the interior and would have an extra 5,000 for other stuff. So much of it will depend on what you start with and what it needs and that can fluctuate wildly.
Aug 26, 2013
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You are welcome to browse my thread. To give you an Idea I bought a decent rust free truck that needed love for around $5k
It came with a new SOR carpet kit. $1400 (there are cheaper ones out there.) I went through making it reliable and fixing some cosmetic
issues along the way. I probably have $2500 or so in parts - including a $400 carb rebuild and $400 Power steering pump.
Various cosmetic parts probably set me back another $500-$700 or so.

All said I have about a $9500 investment that could still use a paint job.
A good paint job will set you back around $2000 so for me that has to wait.

This was me doing all the labor and I did not invest in off road accessories such as Lift, Tires, The list is endless.
Hope this helps! Seems do-able on your budget. I sold a Nissan pickup for $7500 to fund my Cruiser build. It covered
the majority of it. :)

May 29, 2007
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$10,000? Just a wild guess.


Oct 10, 2009
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I'll go with the above mentioned $10,000. Belts, hoses and all the other baselining using OEM parts will add up after a $5-6k purchase of a good starter.

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