Let's play 'Which is the best 285/75/16 AT tires, in your opinion'

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Mar 26, 2011
Please share your views and/or experience on your choice of the 'Best 285/75/16 AT tires'.
I vote duratracs. Next would be terra grapplers. The duratracs hum very slightly at speed but nothing near my km2s. The tg's are quiet!
Cant edit to add a pic from my phone but here's a pic of my duratracs.
MY first set of 285's, Goodyear DuraTrac Load Range E. No problems and just keeps racking up the miles with plenty of tread left. It's not that loud, a plus for the boxy landcruiser. Now I cannot comment on sidewall strength as some others have reported as being week but with mud/sand/ and lots of pavement they work 100% for me. They suck in Clay gumbo, but at 50psi and not spinning the woohoo out of them I guess all tires would suffer the same fate. (next tires will be a tossup between the Duratracs and Toyo M55's 255/85 though)
Depends on use...

X100 on Duratracs, I have owned two sets, and very happy with them.

If you want something a little less aggressive, I have Silent Armors on the 80 right now. They have about 15000 miles on them and look like new. GREAT in the snow and ice (better than Duratracs), quiet and nice handling on the highway. Have not had them in much mud though.
Mickey Thompson

I just got some Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ's and love them. Had Dueler's before that lasted forever.
If you live anywhere it snows, Duratracs hands down. I'm on my 2nd set, I had 265/75/16's on my Hilux Surf and loved them. I put 35,000kms on them in 13 months and still had 75% tread on them.
I bought Duratracs (285/75) without knowing they were so highly regarded here on the board. Good to find out after the fact that I made a good choice. Especially because I'm in snow country.

I like the look, too, although I think the lugs around the side are probably more decorative than functional. With a 2.5" lift, I wouldn't want bigger tires.

It was a choice between those and the BF Goodrich A/Ts. I had the BFGs previously, but they developed a defect at around 18K miles.
My mothers 80 has the terra grapplers. On the road they are awesome, on the trails of Moab they don't compare (obviously) to they KM2 that she wants (in 315 flavor).
Tire size is not a good base to choose tires from. What rig, what mods, and where/how ya want to drive it should dictate the BEST tire for your needs. John
I wouldn't call the Duratrac an AT due to it not having a treadlife warranty.
Best AT from my experience is the Hankook Dynapro AT/m.
Great traction in everything but mud and the treadlife would definitely go out to the 50k warranty. No road noise and great in the rain.
I would have run them when I moved to a 315, but got the Duratracs cheaper than I would have the Hankooks.
Goodyears lists the DT as an all terrain tire, but I do think it is one of the most aggressive ones out there. Love mine and have not had any complaints with them in any terrain (no super deep mud). They are VERY good in snow.
I like my BF Goodrich AT "D'' i also have a set of two on my M416:beer:
I like the cooper st maxx for a good all terrain.
Duratrac and Nitto terra grappler. Duratrac excellent in snow, Nitto excellent for smooth ride over long distances, with a trail at the end.
-Band Wagon-

Love My Duratracs
Wow I'm going too be an odd one out here. I have never tried Duratracs but I bet they perform well based on everyone's accounts. Presently I have 285 Falken Rocky Mountains and I am very happy with them. For under a grand with road hazard it was a smokin deal too. Good tread wear warranty

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