let try this again lol.....

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Dec 4, 2008
OK. wanting to go fishing this weekend. Let me know

I may be heading to Clear Water to get away from the mob on the May 24 weekend. The fishing up there is incredible. If I don't leave town I'll be heading out locally, maybe up the river at the end of Indian Arm if your interested. I like to go remote if possible. Have you checked out the new wholesale sports! WOW, I could go broke in there.
where abouts is clear water? lake, river? wouldn't mind getting away from the mob as well. Is it 4x4 there. And no I haven't checked the new store out yet. Going to and even better is my sister works there!! can you say DISCOUNT!!!
Wells Grey Park, two hours north of Kamloops. Rivers and lakes are good.
lol alittle out of my way. I'm just going to stay local. but plenty of time to plan something up there for sure. I know the fishing up there is great. Heading to tunkwa lake in june for fishing durbey.
I'm just up at the Interlakes area sitting outside the Fish-on-Pub. Leaves are still that minty green of just being out for a bit, still the high country chill in the wind...but it ain't raining!

Gonna have to learn me to fish one of these days. Maybe I'll see if some of you landcruiser shiftworker folk want to be dragged up here when I make a maintenance run, and you can teach me. I try to stay away from doing maintenance runs on the weekends.

I'm just up at the Interlakes area sitting outside the Fish-on-Pub.


You need to get fishing... because you need another expensive, time consuming hobby :D
hey jason...if you havent already got something on the go, im thinking i might want to make it out to chehalis for the day on sunday...to meet up with the may long alternatives. kids will be with me...
chehalis is closed dude. I was thinking grace lake, sunrise lake,harrison area mostly. If you want to come should be fun fishing
ok. looks like sunrise. spending the day there. so wheeling and fishing. I like sunrise because its rarely used for fishing, and there are some big fish in there. will be having lunch there. if anyones interested let me know.Just have to figure out which day, and will post.


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