Lesser of two stresses ?

Mar 27, 2003
Ok , two choices to achieve deepdishededness :

  • Go from 8" to 10" wheel .
  • Stay 8" but lessen the backspace .

Will one of these be a wiser choice based on the subsequent stress they impose on steering bits and lugs etc ? If I do go 10" , it would be with the same 4.5" BS . I think some of the Japanese 80's I've seen have 8" wheels with a smaller BS , allowing the deepdish look , widened stability , and they retain the buldge that a 35" tire has at the bead as it leaves the wheel . Whereas the 10" will probably leave the 315 with a squarer look .

I'm looking into the possibilties of 8" wheels because the choices are vast compared to 10" . Different ways to skin a cat . And right now it's all about asthetics ... like it's ever been otherwise . :D

Just don't want to swap wheels and then find out I'm screwing up other bits with far more stress than another choice might have had .

Cheers ,

Feb 5, 2003
Eagle, ID
i think the supposed "added> stress are over stated and less BS is the way to go if you are doing it for wheeling purposes. stay 8 inch and go less back space. you rims will stay in better shape with that set up and you wont have any problems.....the problem would not be the lugs it would be the (king) bearings.....


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Mar 27, 2003
I ran 3.5" BS 10" wheels on the yellow truck. Pro's is good good on the trail with a lot more stability. Also changes the steering radius with the tires out further. Con's are that they tend to catch ruts, rub easier both front and rear. Also if you run MT type tires the noise increases a lot when the tire starts sticking out of the fender.

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