Lenght of Ford 250 Towers

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Jul 30, 2003
I need to know the total length of the ford 250 shock towers which people are swapping into their 40s and 55s. I need the measurement from the bottom where it bolts to the frame to the bolt for the top of the shock.
Michael Aaron
mike, did you ever get your measurements? if not, i just bought a set. bottom to top is 14 1/2. bottom to lower bolt hole is 3/4". lower bolt to upper bolt is 2". bottom of bracket to the bend is 4", leaving 10 1/2 from the bend up, but you can mount the bend above the frame a little bit. i'm hoping to get 11" above the frame to the shock bolt. for reference, frame to shock bolt on a stock cruiser is 7 1/2".

i ordered mine from mountain states ford in commerce city. cost for the pair after tax was a wopping $18.76 (i don't know if you'll get the same price, i get a discount since i'm in the biz). local junkyard wanted $100 just to cut them off a frame! if you order them from mountain states ford, talk to bo, and just tell him you need the same towers that the norske woman from kenworth ordered.
lets see some pics
went a little big on cutting the fender, but i may put a piece of rubber across there.
They are cast steel, so I cut mine and made 2 out of 4, long as I needed at the time.

Those F250 units look simle though.

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