Legal Bumper Height???

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Nov 20, 2003
I know some awesome states do not have these laws, but here in MN and others are required to be at a certain height. Does anybody know what those are??
can't help you, but it was all over the news 2 days ago, that auto makers will lower bumpers and frame heights on trucks and suvs so they won't inflict as much damage on small cars. Then one of the news broacasts shows a pic of a mid 70's F-250 lifted sitting on top of a small car, portraying it as anew suv. duh stupid news people :flipoff2:
I guess my real question should have been if I drive across into another state do there laws apply to me or only in my own state? has anybody been pulled over for this?
hate to say it, but they apply in the state you are driving thru....
25" from the furthest outward spot on the bumper, to the ground.

Bumper height laws in Minnesota, only apply to Passenger vehicles, ie daily drivers. I have collector plates on my Land Cruiser, which designates it as a special use vehicel, similar to street rods. I have not been harrassed by the law while driving this truck on the roads in Minnesota. In the nicer months, I do drive it back and forth to work in Bloomington, from Farmington, a few times a month.

I once had printed a copy of the state statute concerning this, I will try to find it.


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