Left my brake booster line unhooked and ran the car.. brakes incredibly stiff now

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May 27, 2011
I recently rebuilt the carb on my 84 fj60 and after reassembly i left the brake booster vacuum line unattached. While driving it around the block after the install, the brakes became incredibly stiff. After pulling off i realized i left the brake booster vacuum line disconnected. The brakes still had a bit of stopping power but not nearly the same amount from the beginning of the short ride to the end. Is this normal? It feels like they need to be bled and I'm hoping that is the problem but i figured id ask the experts.

Normal. I just blew my booster on a run and had to deal with the stiff brakes. Thank god for low gears. Plug er back in and all should be good.

I left mine unplugged accidentally after de smog and changing the carb. I just plugged it back up and it worked fine. Hope yours will do the same.

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