LED Tailights

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I've tried your link a few times, no worky for me.

I bought a pair of universal led taillights that are just a smidge smaller than cruiser lights. I never utilized them but quickly retrofitted one to my spare shell. Would have to create an adapter or figure a way to set them in "French style".

I think it will be worth the hassle, i just had to lube up the sockets/springs in two of my bulbs recently.

Plastic housings can't rust

I fix school buses for my work. There are many times a driver will tell me they have light issues, brake, turn, stop, whatever. I'd say 1 in 2 light failures have been backing plate related: RUSTED OUT. Then you must replace the whole thing.

The problem i see with led bulbs in the factory housings is they can still fail in the traditional ways of corrosion. I'm sure they work good at first, but my findings with buses is the plastic LED housings almost never fail.

They can't rust, there is nowhere for water to get in, and nowadays they seem to get warm enough to melt ice.

Where am i going with this? Sorry i don't have a bolt in solution! But maybe someone should..
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