LED lights for fog and driving lights but not light bars

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Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
For a few years now I've had some Rigid Industries D-series 6 led amber lights to use as foglights. I've always planned on adding another set of similar white driving lights and have wiring set up. Here in Oz I need to be careful as any driving lights (or light bars) have to be configured to only be on with high-beam headlights (but can still be seperately switchable).

The front bar on my 80 is an original 1990's era ARB steel job with nice tabs inside the middle hoop for mounting lights onto. The bar has some 'deformities' from impacts with objects but it's solid and not ugly like ute/pick-up style '5 posters' are.

Just wondering how other people configure fog and driving lights where not using lightbars. I know there are numerous front bar options and nearly all modern front bars are made 'airbag compatible', etc. which means they have different design to the one on my 80.

Does anyone make up and fit their own tabs for mounting stuff or are you happy with whatever setup the front bar currently on your 80 has for mounting stuff onto?

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