LED headlights on a 45


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Sep 7, 2004
Well after looking for a set of replacement for a set of very dim headlights I cam across these from Amazon. Yes I know now there are literally hundreds of 7" round LED headlights and it's a crap shoot if anything specialty if your funds are not in the millions.
Well I needed a set as one of my cheapo headlights failed so with a small amount of digging thought the on line crap I bit the bullet and bought these:
Amazon productAll I can say is I got lucky, as I really did not expect such a good light. Almost a daylight type of output, kind of the blue spectrum, very good side to side coverage of the road and very good distance coverage to the point you will need to be polite to the on coming traffic and adjust them to were you are not blinding them.
Very nice looks, almost a black out look, but still not giving that sinister look some people want on a car or truck, you know the painted taillight look were they are always pulled over for dims tail light.
Perfect fit in the stock buckets, and the plug and play cable was just right, but I added some electrical tape to hole the connections together to give a bit more security at the connection. Also added some white grease to the rear of the Toyota's stock plastic connector plug to help keep the water out.
Anyway just passing this on if your in the market for a set of replacements and don't want to brake the bank. Sorry no pictures of them at night in use but you guys have seen all the pictures someone post of that stuff, these are just bright and better than yellowish headlights and a decent price.






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