LED Courtesy lights... Always on now.

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Sep 28, 2017
On my LX i replaced my running board / puddle lights with LED strips a few months ago to help illuminate the ground whenever the doors are open or car is unlocked or locked.

Today however they have stayed ON the entire time the car is running. The truck is a moving spotlight on the highway... In the past they would automatically turn off when i shut the doors and started driving away.
Has anyone experienced this or know what is going on? All my doors are shut while driving, even when i briefly shut the car off while filling the tank, the lights stayed on.
When i shut the car off and lock it, it'll turn off just like they normally did.

I just replaced my door jam switches for a similar problem. $12 in rock auto. They were keeping interior lights on with the doors shut and randomly wouldn’t turn any of the lights on with the doors open.
All the doors are shut while driving and none of my interior or door lights are on while driving. When I open a door the lights come on so I know they’re working fine...
I’m baffled
Did you wire directly to the factory harness? It's an always hot 12v/ground switch so I would begin with checking to make sure it didn't ground somewhere along the way. If the wire grounded anywhere in the circuit, both lights will always stay on.

I'm not sure otherwise. I've had a lot of customers install puddle lights but haven't heard of anyone suffer from this.

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